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Theresa Shaw

Theresa has been painting and drawing her whole life: doodling, colouring-in, throwing paint ‘Jackson Pollock-style’ at a large piece of paper in infant's school - these are her earliest artistic memories and are the basis for who she is today.

Over the years, Theresa has worked in various businesses whilst always keeping art as her focus. Following the birth of her two children, she retrained as a teacher, eager to pass on her knowledge and joy in painting. Teaching all ages, she has held painting holidays in Norfolk and the Yorkshire Dales and continues to teach weekend workshops and individual pupils at her home.

In the last fifteen years Theresa has exhibited and sold many pieces of art with galleries and private collectors around the world. She is inspired by the natural world, expressing her love of nature with a unique and personal flair. At present she is absorbed in the use of acrylic inks for their brilliant colour and incredible fluidity, helping to create truly individual pieces of artwork that reflect how she feels about beauty and life. 

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