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Sarah Ffitch-Heyes - Prints

Sarah Ffitch-Heyes - Prints - Sarah is a British artist, with works in collections around the world.

Sarah is displaying a selected collection of Limited Edition prints at Art 5 Gallery in Brighton United Kingdom.

Sarah studied Illustration at the Falmouth School of Art & Design, Cornwall and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at Cranfield University. She currently holds a degree in Illustration.

Sarah loves to travel and explore new themes for her art. She is inspired by travel and culture and works in many styles, including oils, acrylics, collage and oil pastels.

Recently she has produced a series of new work in a new theme, which consists of “vintage” foods and drinks. In this series, Sarah is excited to share childhood memories, such as the things children enjoy: ice cream, Coca Cola, ice lollies, and other foods and drinks from when she was growing up. Sarah has created lovely paintings that represent this theme and her followers are delighted. The series of lollies, food and drink paintings are proudly displayed in ART5 Gallery in Brighton and now in Panama.

In 2019 ART5 Gallery in Brighton included Sarah in a special exhibition showcasing 6 artists working with "Special UK Scenes" and Sarah's participation was a success.

Sarah has now established herself with her family in the beautiful historic city of Lewes, and works daily on her art, which is her great passion.


Pastel Nobbly Bobbly

Pastel Nobbly Bobbly by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 39 x 30 cm u...
£ 85.00 GBP

Pastel Zoom

Pastel Zoom by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 39 x 30 cm unframed w...
£ 85.00 GBP

Pastel Fabs

Pastel Fabs by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 39 x 30 cm unframed w...
£ 85.00 GBP

Glorious Gobstoppers

Glorious Gobstoppers by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 30x38cms Unf...
£ 75.00 GBP

Fizzy Bliss

Fizzy Bliss by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 30x38cms Unframed
£ 75.00 GBP

Galloping Gary

Galloping Gary by Sarah Ffitch-Heyes Limited edition print 30x30cms Unframed
£ 75.00 GBP
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