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Marion McConaghie

Marion McConaghie grew up near the Causeway Coast in Ireland and came to England to study art, gaining a First Class degree in Fine Art Painting. She is now a professional artist and designer, who creates a diverse range of images. Her style is defined by loose and sketchy strokes featuring delicate lines, some with explosive colour.

She loves texture in her work and gives images energy and distortion to create haunting interpretations of subjects such as wild horses, flying birds, butterflies and echoes of people. Inspiration comes from natural history, fascination with ageing processes and themes of freedom and movement. She works with a variety of materials and techniques, including collage, acrylics, watercolours, charcoal, pencil and spray paints, plus digital techniques and experimental printing. 


Golden Waves

Golden Waves by Marion McConaghie Oil Acrylic and texturising materials on ca...
£ 1,350.00 GBP £ 1,250.00 GBP

Portrait of a Woman II

Portrait of a woman II Limitited edition print 53.3 x 73.5cm framed  Call us ...
£ 245.00 GBP


Bluebird by Marion McConaghie Limited Edition Print 73 x 53 cm framed Call us...
£ 220.00 GBP

Portrait of Marie

Portrait of Marie Limitited edition print 40 x 49.5 cm  Call us on 01273 7742...
£ 185.00 GBP

Unbound - PTY

Unbound by Marion McConaghie Limited Edition Print 50 x 60 cm  Only £15.50 pe...
£ 155.00 GBP


Bluebird by Marion McConaghie Limited Edition Print 50 x 70 cm  Only £15 per ...
£ 150.00 GBP

Dreamy Shores

Dreamy Shores by Marion McConaghie Oil, Acrylic and Texturizing materials on ...
£ 150.00 GBP £ 125.00 GBP
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