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La Shuks

La Shuks is a contemporary visual artist who has exhibited across the UK as well as internationally over the past decade. Born in London, but having grown up in Korea, Hong Kong and Dubai, La Shuks (aka Katie Mac), now finds herself back in the UK, based in Brighton.

Katie creates her mixed media works through an ever-evolving practice of layering and blending of multiple contrasting techniques, that include: paint textures, photography, pencil sketches and digital collaging. Themes within her landscapes and botanical scenes explore an imagined future earth, long abandoned by humans, yet littered with all the relics and evidence of their past existence. These symbols, emblems and brand imagery have seeped into the soil, over time germinating and assimilating with the flora and fauna... eventually blossoming and becoming the earth's new nature. This coalescence of real/abstract, organic/artificial, analog/digital, are the contrasts that Katie has adapted, honed and unified over the years, into a process of production whereby; energetic, forceful, compelling and wholly vibrant artworks are made.



Glucosynthesis by La Shuks Mixed media artwork combining layers of photograp...
£ 475.00 GBP

Thistle & Fructose

Thistle & Fructose by La Shuks Mixed media artwork combining layers of ph...
£ 475.00 GBP
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