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Jules Carr

Jules Carr is a self taught photographer based in Surrey. A lifetime’s interest in photography has really sparked into a passion in the last couple of years, when life changes caused her to have more of an emotional connection with the world around her. She started to notice the changing urban landscape, and how the ordinary and mundane can be quite extraordinary.
She is particularly drawn to shooting at night, particularly urban landscapes with a cinematic atmosphere. Recently she has collaborated with fellow photographer James Bacon on ‘Still Life’, an online exhibition and accompanying zine, exploring the profound stillness of the deserted streets during lockdown.
All her work is unified by a distinctive sense of colour and a wealth of intriguing light, with Brighton and Croydon being favourite locations.



Still Life

Still Life by Jules Carr Photography Art 28 x 36 cm.  Only £15.00 per month w...
from £ 120.00 GBP


Carousel by Jules Carr Photography Art, 28 x 36cm.  Get your Original Photogr...
£ 60.00 GBP


Rouge by Jules Carr Photography Art 28 x 36cm.   Get your Original Photograph...
£ 60.00 GBP

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision by Jules Carr Photography Art 28 x 36cm.  Get your Original Pho...
£ 60.00 GBP
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