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Joanne Neville

Joanne Neville is an abstract artist living and working in West Cork. She worked as a professional Interior Architect for over a decade between Ireland and Canada. During this time she also studied Classic Realism in Nicole Sleeth Atelier in Vancouver. It was after this that she started developing her own style, which eventually transitioned into abstract paintings.

Her work has an abstract ethereal quality which is characterized by a color palette, layered with a mix of muted deep tones and splashes of bright colors. Her work is light and fresh, and the compositions are a delicate balance of intricate forms and concentrated layers of color. Her paintings are intuitive interpretations of nature, which transitions from the initial splash of accidental paint and onto a more detailed direction after that.

Her work generally evolves and grows through a process of beginning with lots of back ground movement of translucent ink and paint, that are dried and layered upon on canvas or panel. Then working through a process of subtraction removing areas to reveal what’s beneath. She then starts adding darker tones and removing some to reveal highlights, this is done using alcohol to remove or lighten the ink. Many of her pieces are then finished with a clear glass like top coat of resin using a heat gun to fix and letting to set for several days, reapply a few times. She would typically clean up any resin over flow using a sander on the edges and finally frame the piece. She paints on canvas, paper and panel depending on the effect and size of piece.

Her paintings have a theme of sorts however she does not use reference images but rather uses her instincts to tell a story of unseen internal emotions. 


Earth's Core

Earth's Core by Joanne Neville Mixed Media on canvas 100 x 100 cm Only £122....
£ 1,100.00 GBP

Nature's Balance

Nature's Balance by Joanne Neville Mixed Media on canvas 100 x 100 cm Only £...
£ 1,100.00 GBP
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