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Joanna Farrow


Joanna Farrow lives in rural East Sussex, and much of her art work is inspired by beautiful landscapes.

Her artistic inspiration mostly comes from her natural environment.  Joanna is increasingly drawn to the structure and individuality of different tree species, from the strong, sculptural form of Scots Pines to the more fragile delicacy of young saplings.  She starts by experimenting with quick drawings using ink, charcoal, graphite, pigment or gesso on paper.  When translating this to canvas she try to work as though she is still drawing, with supple, relaxed and spontaneous marks, but always keeping the immediacy of her drawings in mind. Joanna combines the use of brushes with her hands and rags to push paint around, so as to maintain fluidity. Presently, Joanna is enjoying mixed media in her work and noting how these different materials complement each other. Joanna explains that her palette is influenced by the soft muted tones and textures of the British landscape, with occasional bursts of seasonal colour.



Lakeside by Joanna Farrow, Oil on canvas, framed, 83x83cm framed Only £122.22...
£ 1,100.00 GBP

Tree Tops

Tree Tops by Joanna Farrow  oil on canvas, framed 94x94cm Only £144.44 per mo...
£ 1,300.00 GBP
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