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Jasmina Krajacic



Jasmina Krajacic was born in Zagreb, Croatia. After studying painting at the Applied Arts School in Zagreb, she enrolled into the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1992 took her degree under the class of Professor Miroslav Šutej.

She continued exploring techniques and materials to develop a distinctive style of her own. Her style remains recognizable regardless of whether the work is purely abstract or is figurative with abstract elements. Throughout all her works, she uses strong lines, bright colours, geometric patterns, and dynamic shapes that suggest both, depth, and movement.

Her style is formed because of the conflict between ordinary daily life and her rebellious nature, searching for new challenges from the past or from pop culture, related to her personal experiences and tendencies. She paints figurative motifs as well as abstraction, combining the shapes, mostly geometrical. Figurative subjects are intertwined with geometric shapes and overlapping/concentric circles. This method of working produces dynamic movement and often a modern spin on the psychedelic imagery of the 60s.

Over the last 10 years, she has been inspired by punk rock icons. The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and other immortal musicians determined her future art orientation and love for music. She managed to bring together memories from her childhood, neo-pop style and punk rock music that defined her lifestyle and attitudes.

She feels having been born with the gift of art was a privilege. To be able to have a career doing something she loves makes her feel extremely fortunate. She is attempting through her work to brighten the lives of those that see it. Furthermore, she strives to use her art to inspire viewers of it to look at both the world and the people in it with a higher sense of hope and curiosity.


Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols by Jasmina Krajacic Mixed media 55 x 90 cm. Only £120 per month w...
£ 1,200.00 GBP

Harmony in Chaos II

Harmony in Chaos II by Jasmina Krajacic Limited edition print 51 x 51 cm fram...
£ 450.00 GBP

Johnny Rotten

Johnny Rotten by Jasmina Krajacic Mixed media 50 x 50 cm. Only £80 per month ...
£ 800.00 GBP

Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone by Jasmina Krajacic Mixed media 45 x 45 cm. Only £80 per month wi...
£ 720.00 GBP

Harmony in Chaos I

Harmony in Chaos I by Jasmina Krajacic Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 60 cm fram...
£ 1,150.00 GBP
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