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Heidi Langridge

Heidi Langridge is a largely self-taught artist, based in Brighton. In 2002 she co-founded the independent art gallery 'Ruby Pier' in Brighton's Artist Quarter and then in 2010 moved to her current space called Wren Studio. This change afforded her a platform to develop her paintings in line with her own authentic style.

Heidi’s work has always had a sense of minimalism but in recent years she has been exploring a duality of her signature minimalism with a more vivid and colourful palette, giving a sense of fullness and abundance.

She find birds especially beautiful and they tend to take centre-stage in either empty spaces or surrounded by an exuberance of over-ripened flowers, blossom and colour where they can become integrated into the chaos. The backgrounds are highly suggestive and painted with large brushstrokes of contrasting tones so that there is a balance of colour and form offering a structure for the birds to sit in. 


Bull in Pink

Bull in Pink by Heidi Langridge Oil on canvas 100 x 75 cm  Only £120 per mont...
£ 1,200.00 GBP

Warblers in Mustard

Warblers in Mustard by Heidi Langridge Acrylic on canvas 90 x 90 cm. Only £99...
£ 990.00 GBP

Gold Crests on Cloud Blossoms in Minted Green

Gold Crests on Cloud Blossoms in Minted Green by Heidi Langridge Acrylic on c...
£ 1,200.00 GBP
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