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Franklin Rodriguez

Originally from David, Panama, Franklin Rodríguez has been opening his field in the world of Panamanian plastic arts since the beginning of the new century.

With studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Chiriquí and the Fine Arts Academy of the INAC in Panama, this painter works with art daily as a teacher of art at the Melchor Lasso de la Vega school. The colors of French paintings and the work of maestro Roberto Lewis are a notable influence in his work.

Rodríguez has remained active throughout his career, with group exhibitions at the renowned Marta Traba from Brazil twice, in addition to samples in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and the United States. In his country, he has been part of important national art events in galleries such as Mateo Sariel, Habitante and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama.

The feminine influence in its plastic one is excellent, since he grew up with his grandmother and from a very young age, he has been developing the feminine image with his technique. On the other hand, the Panamanian landscape also seduces him, with a special love for the cashew trees and the beaches of Panama.

Last year, 2018, he won second place in the acclaimed Panamanian visual arts contest Roberto Lewis, in the painting category.


Recogedora de Frutas

Recogedora de Frutas by Franklin Rodrigeuz Mixed media 120 x 100 cm approx. O...
£ 700.00 GBP
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