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Cate Mackenzie

Cate Mackenzie is a prominent Love Coach, Psychosexual Therapist, Couples Counsellor and Artist.

Her work is about love, the expression of love and the process of opening up to love and ultimately to the flow of life. She has worked in community arts for many years teaching movement, drama and art, learning that what was most important was love and connection to other people. Using art, movement and visualisation and painting hearts, Cate is exploring the many aspects of love. Painting hearts for her is like saying a prayer. She joyfully opens up to the energy of life to paint them and let them be created through her. They guide her and help her to remember that there is beauty and strength in being vulnerable and soft.

Cate has had an illustrious career, having worked for many organizations including The Grove, Models 1, Skyros, Benefit, MIND, The Bromley By Bow Centre, The Recovery Centre, The Camden Society, The Barons Court Project, Evolve Wellness Centre, Scarlet Ladies and Soho House, along with a private practice seeing individuals and couples in Chelsea. She writes a love and relationships column in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and run flirting class with Indytute. Cate is also the Flirt Coach for Benefit the cosmetics brand and The Dating Coach for Channel 4’s “The Undateables” and has been featured in The Guardian, Red Magazine, Esquire Magazine, The Telegraph, BBC Radio, Channel Five News, RTE2 among others.

I hope the heart paintings put a smile on people’s faces and connect them to the love and creativity inside them. 

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