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Ben Riley

Born in 1981, Ben Riley is an accomplished British artist, based in Staffordshire – merging the boundaries of art & music. Since his early life, music had played a significant role in the journey to professional artist. Studying the academics of art since his teenage years, Riley has established a number of signatures, which include concept art, and crossover techniques.

Since 2002, Ben has been able to deliver his art professionally to an international audience focusing on iconic & stimulating portraiture worldwide, gaining notoriety in the capture of mood, soul and character of a subject. With an accolade of celebrity & professional collectors to his books, Ben’s commissioned pieces have featured proudly throughout media, television and press worldwide. 



Prince by Ben Riley Crushed vinyl on canvas 100 x 50 cm  Only £145 per month ...
£ 1,450.00 GBP

David Bowie

David Bowie by Ben Riley Crushed vinyl on canvas 120 x 60 cm  Only £147.50 pe...
£ 1,475.00 GBP

John Lennon

John Lennon by Ben Riley Crushed vinyl on canvas 122 x 61 cm  Only £147.50 pe...
£ 1,475.00 GBP
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