Yvoone Coomber's Solo Show, "We Belong Together" – ART 5 Gallery

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Yvoone Coomber's Solo Show, "We Belong Together"

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Yvonne Coomber's Solo Show

"We Belong Together"

 [6 Aug @ 2 p.m. Meet & Greet]

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We are delighted to announce our upcoming show with the remarkable artist Yvonne Coomber. Yvonne has been busily working on new fantastic art pieces for this exciting exhibition titled “We Belong Together”, a free exhibition running from 6-14th August 2022, with a Meet and Greet on 6th August. 

The artist will be showing her latest collection of wildflower paintings, wild seascapes and expansive landscapes as well as her new experimental abstract work.

Yvonne Coomber is both a romantic and a believer. She works very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which she allows the image to evolve and unravel.


Yvonne’s practice demands her to be courageous and openhearted and it always involves risk. It is an eternal search for truth. The artist feels things with a burning intensity and her canvas provides a container for these huge emotions. Singing of tumbling hedgerows, tangled meadowlands and open moorlands it is her intention to transport the viewer to an effervescent place of happiness that is literally saturated in joy. Where dreams are born.


A mixture of the highest quality oil paints, inks, glosses, glazes, fine glitters and gold leaf are applied in a multitude of layers. This alchemy of techniques result in a kaleidoscopic jewel like composition of rich pigments that prismatically reveal the radiance of nature. Initially washes are built up in tender veils of colour. Later, much bolder marks are used with an energetic dance around the canvas. This part of the process is full of raw emotion and she literally pours her heart and soul into the image. The final layer of the painting demand focus and utter presence.


Yvonne always works outside, so lacy ice and strong winds have as much influence on the final painting as golden sunshine and gentle breezes. The elements, in a very direct way, dictate how and where the paint falls.


Ultimately Yvonne paints as a prayer and surrender to the place where the mystery unfolds.


Yvonne’s Background

Yvonne was raised on a farm and spent much of her childhood in Ireland, her mother’s homeland. These early years in the Emerald Isle nurtured a passion for wildness, innocence and the transformative power of love.


Inspired by the world and all it contained, she travelled widely in her twenties with a thirst for exploration. One of her most formative journeys was spent with a horse-drawn community in England, discovering ancient, sacred and forgotten parts of our land.


Yvonne also spent time living and working in Australia, Africa and Europe. These adventures fed her soul with kaleidoscopes of rainbow drenched landscapes that she still pours onto her canvas today.


Yvonne’s  relentless spirit of curiosity and deep enquiry led her to pursue a degree in Philosophy and Literature at Brighton University.


After the birth of her daughter Poppy Yvonne pursued a formal five year fine art training in Sussex which provided her with an opportunity to deepen her passion.


Yvonne has been working as a full-time professional artist since 2000. Her contemporary paintings are held in private and public collections worldwide. Her canvases are created using a multitude of layers and are always deeply connected to nature. Yvonne’s practice is ultimately a celebration of all that is good in the world.


The artist currently lives in Devon with her husband and fellow artist Mike Boyer and have four children.


 Don't miss this fabulous art exhibition!

5 Prince Albert Street, Brighton

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