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Why do we need art, especially now. 🇬🇧

Posted on June 24, 2020 | 0 comments

What can be more inspiring than art? Most of us know the feeling of being moved by a painting, a song, a poem. And many of us can’t help but feel excited when the lights go down on a theatre and the curtains go up.

The world needs a bit of escapism right now, we all can agree on this. The last months have been so hard hitting for everybody and the more news we watch, the more confused and dazed we get.

Turning to art in moments like these can transform, bring hope and even heal. The arts can help us lighten the mood, brighten the days; art even has the power of “transporting” us to a different place. A painting can make you happy, drawing you in with its own language. It’s been used in therapy to heal people with emotional issues.

For months, museums, theatres, galleries, etc. have been closed everywhere, and some are just still planning to open. Art venues, fairs, concerts have been in stand by and, boy, do we miss them!

Art makes a difference on our wellbeing. It has been demonstrated, with research, that being in contact with art is clearly associated with life satisfaction. Art can help bring us good health and happiness. This is because art can soothe your soul or make you feel things you were not expecting to feel. Art is made by another human being, another person that has feelings and thoughts and has something to express. We are the receivers when we are in contact with art. Somehow it helps you to see and perceive the world around us in a different and, sometimes unexpected, way. Art can evoke and provoke.

It does not matter if the artist is from another country, one that you have not even heard of. Play “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven anywhere and true intoxicating joy can be felt. The artist, in this case the composer, used the universal language of art and told a story to the whole world.

That is the magic of art. This is why art never dies and should never die. Art has accompanied us all since the beginning of time and is alive even in the worst of times, being the most beautiful expression of the human race, transcending languages, borders and the ages.

We have art for you.

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