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What We're Loving: Dreamy Brighton Scenes by Juan del Pozo!

Posted on August 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Juan del Pozo's snapshots of Brighton are the perfect addition to any collection!

Juan del Pozo was born in Spain in 1969 and is the son of artist Jose Rodriguez. Juan showed artistic talent from a very early age and was nurtured by his father before going on to study in Madrid. He now continues the family tradition as a successful artist in his own right, working as a professional artist since 1989.

Juan has exhibited widely across Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal, and his work has won several prestigious awards. He is a versatile artist who enjoys experimentation in different mediums, from oils to watercolours to engravings, whilst also enjoying a time as Art Director of ‘Idealiza’, an architecture company.

His passion for cityscapes is evident in his paintings, focusing on the architecture of important cities across the world. Juan’s work can be found in private collections in Span, Portugal, France, Sweden, Brazil and Great Britain.

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