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The Art of Giving Art: 7 Tips for Buying Art as a Gift

Posted on January 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Buying Art as a Gift

People like to feel special and appreciated and almost everybody loves receiving gifts. A thoughtful gift can have the same effect of a thousand beautifully crafted words.

Giving Art as a gift is a unique way to express your appreciation for someone.

Art is also an elegant gift to showcase your appreciation to your boss or co-workers and you can give people who have touched your life in some way a collectible piece of Art to showcase that you appreciate them and their presence in your life, regardless if it’s a special occasion or not.


Here are some tips to help you select the perfect piece of Art for somebody else:

  1. Try to think what style of Art and decoration they have at home. The style of furniture, the colour on their walls, other art pieces already in their home, all can be clues to what they like.
  2. You don´t need to frame the Art piece, even if it is a print, the receiver can choose the colour or style of frame for their home later on. Just the Art piece is a wonderful gift.
  3. If the recipient has any specific interests, that is also a helpful clue, but it does not have to be too specific or too limiting.
  4. Find out their favourite style of Art for example, if they are into landscapes, abstract Art, figurative Art, etc also helps to make the decision on what to buy.
  5. Are they collectors? There are Art pieces that can be bought as a series, so you can keep giving them this type of Art pieces for different occasions.
  6. If you can’t decide, there is always the option of a Gift Certificate from an Art Gallery. This way, the person can just go to the gallery and find something they love. So easy and convenient!
  7. You don’t have to wait for special occasions (like weddings, birthdays, retirement, etc) or holidays (Valentines or Christmas) to give an Art Piece as a gift to somebody you appreciate, we can use every excuse in order to shower your loved ones with presents that you know they will appreciate and enjoy.

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