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Secrets of the Sea - Caroline Wright

Posted on October 28, 2020 | 0 comments
Brighton Fringe 2020
29th Oct - 4th Nov 2020
31st Oct Meet & Greet @ 2 p.m.
Art5 Gallery, Brighton UK

Inspired by the sea….

What would you do if you lived right in front of the ocean? If the sound of the waves was your background music and you could run up to it every day? For Caroline, the answer is easy, you paint a picture of it.

Caroline Wright is a seascape and abstract artist who creates, with her shades of blues and perfect control of the medium, a magnetic visual escape for others to find a sense of happiness, exhilaration, and relaxation.

Caroline Wright


Born and raised in West Sussex, Caroline Wright studied art and design at Brighton University and has a BA Hons degree in graphic design from The University of the Arts, London. 

The artist  remembers spending much of her spare time as a child colouring and painting and filling endless sketchbooks with detailed drawings of the Sussex countryside where she grew up. Her appreciation of space, beauty and light that began at an early age continued to develop throughout her life.

Since she has been living right in front of the ocean, the fascinating constant flow of the waters provide constant inspiration for her captivating paintings. Inspired by the sea, she portrays the atmosphere of the shoreline and the waves with her clean and alluring blues, the movement of the colours, and fascinating compositions.

Caroline works magic on her canvas. Each painting has, when you come closer to it, beautiful complexities inside the glassy surface of the medium. Hers are paintings that portray a certain energy. Dancing waves crashing against the serene shoreline are many times depicted and successfully achieved in Caroline’s artworks.

In Caroline’s art works you can see how effortlessly she mixes and combines enthralling colours, building up each piece one layer at a time, with her  knowledgeable control of the flow of the resin, her perfect touch of hues here and there..

Her home studio is flooded with an amazing quality of light which bounces off the sea all year round. This definitely helps Caroline capture the essence of the flowing waves, adding the metallic and pearlized threads of detail and glasslike resin finishes which coat her watery creations. Using acrylics and resin on canvas, each original painting is completely unique and full of depth.

Caroline seeks to captivate us and succeeds, sharing with us her constant awe of the unique beauty and magnificence of the sea. When she is not painting waves and the ocean, she is creating amazing abstracts full of movement and energizing colour.

ART5 Gallery is a strong supporter of Caroline’s work in England, having her as a resident artist for over 4 years. We are thrilled to be hosting her for her Fringe 2020 show, entitled Dreaming of Waves.


 Waves lap upon this sand,
They gently pat the beach.
Timing like a clock’s hands,
The ocean’s own metronome.

It’s amazing to think
How far this water’s gone
From coasts, inlets, docks, bays,
Imagine the water’s flow.

-Molly Smithson

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