Heidi Langridge @ September Art5 Series '19 – ART 5 Gallery

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Heidi Langridge @ September Art5 Series '19

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Heidi Langridge

September Art5 Series '19

Voices in the Field

Art5 Gallery, Brighton

5th - 11th of September 2019

September 7th Meet & Greet

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Heidi Langridge is a largely self-taught artist, based in Brighton. In 2002 she co-founded the independent art gallery 'Ruby Pier' in Brighton's Artist Quarter and then in 2010 moved to her current space called Wren Studio. This change afforded her a platform to develop her paintings in line with her own authentic style.

Heidi’s work has always had a sense of minimalism but in recent years she has been exploring a duality of her signature minimalism with a more vivid and colourful palette, giving a sense of fullness and abundance.

She finds birds especially beautiful and they tend to take centre-stage in either empty spaces or surrounded by an exuberance of over-ripened flowers, blossom and colour where they can become integrated into the chaos. The backgrounds are highly suggestive and painted with large brushstrokes of contrasting tones so that there is a balance of colour and form offering a structure for the birds to sit in.

Cycling has become a part of her working progress as an artist. She cycles in Sussex along the coast and the Downs and this summer she spent time in Normandy cycling in deep green forests, along canals, coastal paths and bright expansive fields.

The distinct feeling of being outside in an unfolding landscape brings her a little closer to nature. She wants to recreate a closeness in her portraits of animals and collections of birds gathered safely together in sumptuous colors.

ART5 Gallery  is a strong supporter of Heidi’s work in England, having her as a resident artist since 2019. We are thrilled to be hosting her show entitled Voices in the Field. The exhibition is free and will run from Thursday September 5th until the 11th. Meet the artist on September 7th [ 2 pm to 6 pm].

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