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Fringe @ 5 Prince Albert Street ūüá¨ūüáß

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5 Weeks of Exciting Artist Group Shows @ ART5 Gallery during the Brighton Fringe Festival 2022

5th May ‚Äď 11th May¬†[May 7th Meet & Greet] - Caroline Wright.

12th ‚Äď 18th May¬†[ May 14th Meet & Greet] -¬†Natasha Boast, and¬†Tiffany Lynch.

19th ‚Äď 25th May¬†[ May 21st Meet & Greet] - Jonathan Stewardson,¬†and Sarah Ffitch-Heyes¬†

26th May ‚Äď 1st Jun [ May 28th Meet & Greet] - ¬†Simon Lea Wright, and Nate Cordery

2nd ‚Äď 8th Jun [ June 4 Meet & Greet] - Mark Munroe-Preston

ART5 Gallery is absolutely delighted to be hosting 5 weeks of exciting shows as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival, showcasing a variety of our most popular contemporary resident artists. Designed to create a contrasting yet complimentary display, a different artist or artists each week will be launching fresh new collections…creating the perfect opportunity to delve into the contemporary art scene in Brighton!

We cannot wait to show you all that our artists have prepared for this Brighton event and we definitely can’t get over how amazing it is that our city hosts the largest open-access arts festival in England. The Fringe Festival is the event where every form of artistic expression is embraced, bringing people together with one common idea, to enjoy art.

Our #TeamArt5 artists are waiting and ready, they have been busy painting, printing and preparing for the 5 weeks that the festival lasts. Do not doubt you will find a fabulous wealth of artworks just waiting for you.

We are sure that with our selection of artworks, you will definitely find something to suit your taste, space and budget.

 Art5 Gallery is embracing the spirit of inspiration: each week one or two artists will be featured with their works of art and they will also be available for exciting Meet and Greets. It will be wonderful to have the chance to look at them afresh, to engage with them in a new way, suggesting new connections and evoking new emotions,

First Week

5th May ‚Äď 11th¬†May¬†¬†- We open our Fringe Festival with exciting female Artist CAROLINE WRIGHT

CAROLINE WRIGHT¬īS perfect¬†glossy waves and abstracts are depictions of the ocean and beach surrounding her studio and home, each piece capturing the calming energy of the seaside and the euphoria¬†of freedom. Caroline creates her works to communicate the extraordinary awe and sense of greatness that the ocean evokes.

Caroline¬īs Meet and Greet will be on Saturday May 7th.


Second Week

12th ‚Äď 18th May¬†-¬†On this second intoxicating week we bring to you two talented artists:¬†NATASHA BOAST and TIFFANY LYNCH.

NATASHA BOAST is the UK’s pioneer in photo-luminescent artworks. Her vivid arrangement of colors and innovative style of blending and layering, results in brightly coloured abstracts. Natasha uses startling colour combinations to create her expressive and full of energy striped art that also glows in the dark and makes viewers' eyes and brains process, absorb and consider.

TIFFANY LYNCH¬īS¬†work celebrates nature in its limitless variety of forms and most importantly colours; brilliant blues, fabulous greens, psychedelic pinks, golds, all burst from her canvases. Her new abstract landscapes scenes are a¬†powerful collection of combined painterly and perfectly guided brushstrokes on a canvas creating statement pieces that are a center of attention.

The Meet and Greet will be held on Saturday May 14th

Third Week

19th ‚Äď 25th May¬†‚Äď Jonathan Stewardson,¬†and¬†Sarah Ffitch-Heyes

JONATHAN STEWARDSON and SARAH FFITCH-HEYES, have two things in common, delicious melancholy drenched art works and an incredible talent to paint and recreate what they are seeing or imagining.

JONATHAN STEWARDSON paints in a style he describes as "Romantic Realism", capturing the mood of lonely streets and cities, bus stops, empty cafes, usually on rainy nights when the streets are empty. There is a sense of storytelling in his work. Each piece has its own mood and atmosphere and Jonathan¬īs subject matter makes¬†the viewer release their own personal emotion and have their own reaction to it¬†

SARAH FFITCH-HEYES¬ī realistic art pieces have the power to take us back in time to our childhood, when there was not a care in the world and we would visit fairs and eat sugary treats and things we would enjoy: ice cream, Coca Cola, ice lollies, and other foods and drinks from when she was growing up. Her perfect rendition of park memorabilia will definitely bring a smile to your face.

 Meet and Greet will be on Saturday May 21st.

Fourth Week

26th May ‚Äď 1st¬†June ‚Äď This week we are delighted to present the Art of Artists NATE CORDERY¬†and SIMON LEA WRIGHT.

Talented NATE CORDERY has an amazing energetic approach with his modern and dynamic style. Nate has practised in subjects from portraiture, still life & plein air, and draws from a wide range of influences whilst reinterpreting with his own vision. 

Many of Nate¬īs paintings are formed from his observations and experiences; walking at local Brighton, seeing bathers swimming in the water, enjoying the beautiful skies above.

SIMON LEA WRIGHT Is one of our newer artists of the group. Many of his paintings are inspired by his interest in philosophy and the universal forces that waver on the brink between dark and light.The built environment and a strong passion and natural ability for geometrical perspective systems, vibrant colour schemes and design play a big part in Simons continuing artistic direction. 
His inspirations are artist Georgio De Chirico and M.C. Escher.
Meet and Greet will be on Saturday May 28th.

Fifth Week


To close our Brighton Fringe Exhibitions, we are proud to present artist and Photographer MARK MUNROE-PRESTON.

Mark began to explore the local countryside, and particularly the Ashdown Forest and the South Downs National Park, with his dogs and his camera. It is from this ever-expanding collection of images that he draws inspiration for his work. These photographs are digitally merged with other photographs, paintings, drawings, textures, and found objects to create the final artwork. Some of the pieces are more literal interpretations of the places he has photographed, while others are more conceptual or graphic in their approach, but all seek to evoke the beauty, drama, and atmosphere of the landscapes around him.

Meet and Greet will be on Saturday June 4th.

Join us during these free exhibitions throughout the Brighton Fringe Festival, running from 5th May to 8th June.

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