Bring joy into your home with NEW artwork by Yvonne Coomber! – ART 5 Gallery

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Bring joy into your home with NEW artwork by Yvonne Coomber!

Posted on July 18, 2020 | 0 comments

We're thrilled to have welcomed a brand new collection of stunning oil paintings by acclaimed artist Yvonne Coomber at ART5 Gallery!

Yvonne Coomber has lived a colourful and textured life and this is reflected in her paintings. Through her work she embraces poetry of structure. She was brought up on a farm and spent a large portion of her childhood in the Emerald Isle, her mother’s homeland. She was greatly influenced by the simplicity and beauty that was woven into the land there, and shaped by the gentle passion that ran through the people and culture. Surrounded by music and magic she developed a love of life early on. Inspired by the world and all it contained, Yvonne travelled widely in her twenties with a thirst for exploration and discovery. She spent time living and working in the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Europe.

Her work is bursting with vibrant colours and sparkles gently with glitter catching the light...come and see them in the gallery in Brighton or shop online here

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