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Birds by Bagman & Robin Fly into the Gallery!

Posted on October 04, 2019 | 0 comments

A stunning new collection of paintings by exciting talent Bagman & Robin have flown their way into ART5 Gallery!

Keng Wai Lee started showing his artwork 3 years ago in London, after graduating from KLCA in Fine Arts. After a long sabbatical, he has been searching for the right moment to start painting again.

Inspired by ‘The Wizard of Oz’, Lee leaves the drab black and white world and turns it into something Technicolor, mainly using acrylic. He trawls through his past and present for inspiration for his artwork. Some pieces are a collaboration with his partner Marco, skilled in Gilding and Technical Pen Drafting.

Using skulls, living organisms, birds, ammunitions etc and juxtaposing it into something fun he is creating a story. Giving the viewer a lasting impression, Lee aims to inspire and evoke memories, in the hope that if the viewer is affected, then he has done his job.

Visit us in Brighton to see his work on display in the gallery or shop online here

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