A NEW collection by Lili Devo is now available @ ART5! – ART 5 Gallery

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A NEW collection by Lili Devo is now available @ ART5!

Posted on November 07, 2020 | 0 comments

We've got a new collection of originals and prints available by Lili Devo at ART5 Gallery!

Lili's work is inspired by the exploration of nature and the continuity of its rhythms, considering that human beings interact with it from an observer's place and not as an integral part of it.

Attracted by natural cycles, she turns those images into metaphors, seeing and recognizing herself reflected in them.

While she is painting she notices the same sensation as diving or going into a forest, the colours, shapes and depths take over the perception and that natural becoming causes the own fusion with the environment, discovering situations that inspire the creation of an image, to try new supports, pigments or chemical reactions, and in that alchemy, more faithfully represent what she feels.
It is a language that drives us to believe, to grow, linking worlds where nothing stops us, escaping a limiting rigidity, what we socially learned. The difficult, the impossible becomes possible, easy and without borders. Lili is an artist that trusts intuition.  

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